Do you want to see in real-time how winning trading works?

I’ve written before about the trading group that I am a member of. I haven’t posted updates for a while because I’ve been traveling. Group is still trading every day and making nice profits.

I actually start to like the group even more. I really like how simple their system is. You join under a 15-minute trading call each day and trade together with the group.

Would you like to see the recording of a live trading call so you can see yourself how it works and how profitable it is?

Just message me on Telegram and tell me you want to see the trading call recording.

Telegram: DefiWisdom247



I have made thousands of dollars of free money from airdrops so I know they are real and could be very profitable.

The biggest airdrops so far were the Uniswap airdrop back in 2020, followed by ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and DyDx which all gave thousands of dollars of free money to their early users.

The airdrop scene has changed a lot. It’s not so easy to find and get good airdrops anymore. Not all the airdrops are worth the effort.

Cryptortunity has made a great effort on their latest video showing the best new crypto airdrops in 2020.

You can watch the video from the link below:

Best New Crypto Airdrops 2022

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Did you know there is huge potential in Play To Earn crypto games?

There are some very promising games that are already fully working and ready to play.

During the last crypto crash value of those altcoins also came down and now it might be a good time to buy them on sale.

EllioTrades did a video about the best P2E crypto games that he believes could do very well in the future.

Cryptortunity made a recap video about the most promising P2E altcoins that could do potentially 100X in near future.

Watch the full video from the link below.

100X Altcoins EllioTrades Crypto Is Buying

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Crypto is full of big promises and flashy visions about a great future but many times the success is short lived.

A lot of money is lost and gained too, but rarely you see people actually learning valuable lessons.

Investing successfully in crypto coins requires you to be aware of how the crypto markets work and to constantly learn and improve your strategy.

So what can we learn about the biggest failures in crypto and take those lessons to make better trades and investments in the future?

Watch this video on YouTube to learn more about these dead cryptos.

This video is very eye-opening and gives some great ideas about cryptos to buy and sell.